Mindset Mastery

Do you feel stuck?

  • Are you busy doing Everything for Everybody?

  • Is there no time or energy left for you?

  • Are you secretly hoping your life will just change?

  • Are you too busy and overwhelmed to even know what you really want?

  • Are you wondering why you should bother to even try to figure it out?

Many people live their lives feeling like they are going nowhere and doing nothing, not because they aren’t busy enough in actuality because they are too busy doing everything for everyone else.
If you want to turn the stuck life you’re living into the Authentic life you love!

You are in the right place!

Mindset Mastery Coaching & Mentoring

A unique transformational framework designed specifically for

Everything for Everybody (Type E) Women.

Many women, like me (and maybe you), wear many hats and look at the abilities of fixing, maneuvering and successfully compartmentalizing the parts of ourselves like badges of honor…(forever the Good Girl)

But what happens when a hat gets knocked off, switched out or no longer fits?

How do we, Everything for Everybody Women, the consummate fixers and doers, handle “losing” a part of ourselves? I’ll tell ya’ … We fight, we blame, we try to recreate our past realities with little to no success. As we fight the change process we get stuck deeper and deeper in the cyclone of pain and begin to rely on negative coping strategies to survive, all while trying to hold on to something that no longer exists.

The In Her Element Mindset Mastery Programs  help women stuck in the pain of Type E Stress.

I coach and mentor women on how to break free of the patterns that have been keeping them prisoner and help them to shift towards a life of ease and flow. I provide the tools and strategies needed to break free from being Everything for Everybody and make your Self a priority, while still caring for your family, home and career.

We can have “it all”

The solution lies in our thoughts, behaviors, perceptions and personal definition of “all”.

The path from feeling empty, directionless and unsure to feeling a sense of balance, purpose and wholeness begins with your ultimate

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Break Free from Type E 90-Day Mindset Mastery Mentoring program


Say it the way YOU want it! – 30 Day Home – Study Program


Stuck to Start – FREE Guidebook to start you on your Mindset Mastery Journey

As your Mentor I will empower you to…

  • Get the results you want
  • Take control of daily stress
  • Develop peace of mind
  • Enhance confidence, self-esteem and well-being
  • Improve the quality of your life
  • Get more energy, time, passion and focus
  • Reach your potential and goals
  • Love your work
  • Gain personal freedom
  • Develop lasting relationships

What you can expect from me…

  • No bullshit!
  • A results-focused approach to every problem
  • An authentic relationship built on mutual respect
  • Creative thinking and a full exploration of your creative problem solving energy


I know you are looking for someone who will honor you and your goals above all else and will consistently show up for you so that you have all you need to move towards what you want.

I can help you!


If you’re ready to start your journey, ready to do the work, ready to take a chance on yourself…and I hope you are because you’re totally worth it…Then you are ready to love your life and I want to hear from you!


The Elements of Authenticity   are stages many of us move through on our journey from living lives built on the expectations of others to ones filled with intrinsic joy and authenticity. As we move through the four Elements of Authenticity we turn the ruts of our habits into the smooth grooves of our soul.
Grounding (Stillness & Acceptance)
Movement (Learning & Growth)
Spark (Art & Creativity) &
Flow (Gratitude & Joy)
Through the development of this framework I have been able to clearly define my purpose in this world.
I know there are countless women in the world right now suffering. Not thinking their lives are of any interest, wondering what their purpose is. They see others with “passions” and desperately want to be them and resent them with every ounce of their being. They have no idea how they could ever find the time. They “know” no one will understand…

They will be ostracized, ridiculed and their HUGE fucking secret, that they feel worthless, will be discovered.
They are telling themselves that if they just keep doing what they are doing, only better, then things will get better. Their children will start to appreciate all of their hard work. Their colleagues will genuinely see how hard they work and will take the time to acknowledge them…eventually. They believe that if they could just organize (and control) their home, office, friends, partner, children, community they would finally feel fulfilled and purposeful. They “know” that is what they are supposed to do …
And they know this because every person, every system, every organization, every magazine, every TV show & every commercial they have ever seen has told them so.
They are pushing the pain down, really, really, really fucking far. They are burying it under booze, Facebook, gossip, food, shopping & bingo. And every night when they go to bed the little voice whispers…

“I hope tomorrow is different, better…
not sure I can handle another “today”.

I know they are out there because that was me and I know now, that I am not alone. You know this too. You know who they are. You know if this is you. And now I know that I was meant to take this journey, so that I could help fabulous women (like us) all over the world to truly align with their most Creative and Authentic Selves.


Learn about the four Elements of Authenticity HERE