BooksI have 2 kids… and I lovingly blame them for all the reading I haven’t done yet!!! That’s right I said it, it’s their fault and it’s not because of the oh so obvious reasons like; they are needy and time-consuming. It’s not because they constantly want my attention like to eat or stop them from playing with sharp objects. Or that there are 2 of them, so up until recently I haven’t had a free hand or minute to focus long enough on 1 sentence let alone a book…

Ok I lied! It IS for all of those reasons but it’s also because I’m old and my eyes started to go down hill after having children. Most importantly it’s because of all of the reasons mentioned above I didn’t have the time to realize that I couldn’t focus on reading because I actually couldn’t focus!

Upon returning to work after my second kid, reading transcripts and even looking at my computer screen was like being in a fun house. I swayed back and forth trying to make sense of why all the words were blurry. So yes I needed glasses, but yes I still blamed my children because if they hadn’t been keeping me so busy loving the crap out of them I may have gone to the eye doctor sooner! The doc said… “How is it that you are just coming here now? You must have a constant headache and how can you read anything?” I told her that I have an infant and a toddler so the headache was a given and asked her who has freakin’ time to read with and infant and a toddler?!?

So here I am just a short year and a half later, on my second pair (bifocals because I am just that lucky) and loving the fact that my children can amuse themselves for at least 30 minutes at a time and I get to pretend like I am a grown up without a care in the world. But the big move that I made, to really make up for all the lost reading time, was to start getting up early, like really f’n early, for some much-needed me time. Everyday I get up between 4:30 – 5:00 that’s AM, and I do my  Morning Pages (6 full pages of non-stop, no editing, no thinking writing) which takes about 45 minutes and opens up my mind (and the coffee helps). Then I spend 45 minutes to an hour reading.

I always have at least 2 books on the go, a thinker and a feeler, which keeps me balanced. This past New Years in an attempt to give reading some serious attention, I set myself what I thought would be a lofty goal of reading 12 books…that’s one a month, which I figured would be all I had time for; but to my surprise by the end of May I had read 10!

I am not well-read, I don’t have any idea who the greats are and what the must reads are. What I have are interests, a shit ton of them! And I let my interests lead me to the books I want to read. Yes I want to read Big Magic it’s on the list and yes I want to know how Brené Brown “rises strong” and about Danielle Laporte’s “big beautiful book plan” but more importantly I want to learn new things and experience new thoughts. I used to be very genre specific in my leisure reading and that was fine for then but now I want more. I want to know about people and why they do shit. I want to know about places and why they are (the) shit. Basically I want to know a lot of shit!


So here is the list of books currently on my nightstand.

(If you like this stuff too I would love to hear from you and maybe we can talk about shit!)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksHeLa

Rebecca Sloot


52 Women who

Changed Science and the World

Rachel Swaby

The Success Principles success principles

Jack Canfield






A Hidden Wholeness Hidden Wholeness

The Journey Toward an Undivided Life

Parker Palmer



Finding Waterfinding water

The Art of Perseverance

Julia Cameron




John J. Ratey





Carol Dweck





Deepening Communitydeepening community

Paul Born




Reflective Practicereflective practice

Gillie Bolton




The War of Artthe war of art


Steven Pressfield




Greg McKeown