crazy awesome

Holy crap that was a seriously crazy year!!!

And not for the reasons that you can see on social media. For me 2016 was crazy awesome…period… and what I want to talk about today is the little thing that carried me through to the other side…


I feel so grateful for all of the little things that made 2016 a year to remember.

My daughter learned how to read and she loves math. My youngest can now carry on a full conversation…including sarcasm and spends the majority of her day trying to make everyone laugh! I met some absolutely wonderful people, including the genius that helped make my digital self possible…awesome!

I fell in love with my husband all over again …well that actually  that happens all the time because he is so fucking awesome.

This time because of his unwavering support for all of the financially f’d up decisions I made to get me to where I am today. I opened myself up to possibilities that I had never even dreamed of a few years ago and I am overjoyed daily by the amazing things I am now doing. I now create art daily and…

people actually give me money for a skill that just over a year ago I did not have.

I read amazing books written by amazing people, who make me want to be amazing. I have been the recipient of some humbling compliments including my absolute favourite, which I received after presenting an all day workshop, (and btw…I got this compliment twice…twice!!)…

“I want to be you!”

2016 was a year to remember and I will hold each tiny and beautiful memory in my heart. We are what we focus on and the ultimate lesson I learned in 2016 is to focus only on the positive, on what makes me  happy, lights me up, creates a state of joy within me that cannot be shaken by presidents, death, fights for water, war, and Fox News.

I believe that we can make every a year a year to remember, the key is to focus on what really brings us joy. Recently, I heard a coach I admire say that, happiness is a feeling and joy is a state. What that means to me is that happiness is a good cup of coffee or a pleasant conversation. Happiness is fleeting it can come and go depending on what is coming and going in our lives, but joy…

joy is the ability to pay attention to the things that can make you happy.

Are you able to sit and enjoy that great cup of coffee or is the caffeine it provides simply a means to an end? Can you engage and be present for that pleasant conversation or, as Stephen Covey puts it, are you simply listening for your chance to respond?

I am nowhere near perfect and I frequently find myself not in a state of joy, but I have made it my mission to be prepared to be amazed by all that life has to offer. That is what 2016 gave me…it gave me the time and energy to see what really matters in my life and being in a state of joy (even if it wasn’t 100% of the time) brought others into my life you are also searching for the glory of focusing on what really matters. And I believe that is what brought me to you!

Happy New Year !!!

Let’s make it 2017 a year to remember!!!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

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