When we gather to hear the stories of other women, the common, unexplainable, gut wrenching & love filled stories, of other women; who like us are battling the shoulds, trying to do it all, and often feel like a hot mess, something special happens. There is a deepness felt and richness gained that is hard to put your finger on. Their courage to be vulnerable inspires us… binds us.  If you have ever gathered with women – in a truly authentic way, be it over a glass of wine, your kid’s playdate, or paint canvases – you know what we mean. Our next gathering of Wise Women Say… features 3 soulful, intriguing women. Each has set out on a solo journey to find their Self and what that means to them. Throughout their many years they have worked up the courage and confidence to share their gifts with the world and they have each found within themselves a power like no other. Without giving their stories away… here they are…I look forward to delving deeper into their stories and anticipate a profound shift within myself as I listen, feel and connect with their strength and vulnerability! Let me introduce three beautiful souls who have agreed to let us peek at the power of their intuition and get a glimpse at the positive impact “trusting their gut” has had on their lives!

Steph McFadden

Once a financial diva, helping others to align their money with their dreams she is now following hers and helps others to feel as beautiful on the the outside as they do on the inside. An artist and creative soul…she carries JOY and purpose in her soul.

Carleigh Aikins

World traveler, singer, artist…yes and more importantly soul-searcher and a force able to transform energy with her entire being. Her gifts, purpose, integrity, fill the senses. She magically captures human spirit and shares it willingly. Her journey over mountains, through valleys and inside every crevice in-between, is full, complete and positively solitary. Her grace and spirit gives us all permission to do what lights us up!

Cheryl Moore

Healer, intuitive, alignment seeker. She speaks with her heart, listens with her body and knows with her soul. Cheryl embodies the positive in the world around her and relays it to those of us who have yet to see. Her energy leads and follows, creating rings of light and joy. A seeker and guide…she welcomes you wholly.

Wise Women Gather

A night out, a night to feel unencumbered by the to-do lists of life, we gather to tap into the power created when women connect in the most authentic way…through the shared experience of our lives. Women posses a beautiful gift, a superpower, we find strength within ourselves when we lift other women up…doing for her what we often don’t do for ourselves. Being present when a woman feels seen and heard raises her up and allows us to own our story and reconnect to our power.

Wednesday Sept 26

6:30 – 9:30pm

365 Sixth Street

Midland, ON

Theme: Trust Your Gut

About me

I’m an Authenticity & Empowerment Expert and I’m super excited to share with you why I do what I do!

My core belief, and the foundation for all that I do, is that given the right tools, mindset strategies and support, you can discover your potential, ignite your passion and design your Life On Purpose!

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