This weekend I spent a lot of time getting organized, putting things in their place and preparing for the next few weeks of certain uncertainty. I prepped my new day-timer anticipating the oodles and oodles of to-dos, calls to make and tasks to complete. I am a self-declared task master and to-do lists don’t worry me, what does have me a bit on edge is the balance. Work-Life balance is a myth and…

I know that work-work-work-life balance is an absolute unicorn.

So I have done my best to put the framework in place, to handle the weight of the load I will need to bear, as I uncover what I need to do, not do, think and accomplish. I have decided that this upcoming challenge will be the ultimate in learning experiences.

I am no stranger to doing a multitude of things…

I am a multipotentialite after all 🙂

What is new is the amount of the unknown that I am expected to know. I am clearly in stage 2 of the 4 stages of learning…conscious incompetence.

I am absolutely aware of how much I do not know…and way outside my comfort zone and I find that knowledge strangely comforting. It’s pretty meta how knowing that I will know later what I don’t know now, once I apply the correct about of time and effort. And knowing that I will know is solid ground I can stand on and believe in.

The unknown can and often erodes our belief in our ability and our selves (it does for me anyway) and…

I am so grateful for knowing why I don’t know what I don’t know, as that gives me permission to believe that it is okay to believe.

Wow that is a lot of meta-speak

…too much thinking about thinking really gets me thinking.

…If you were here, you would have just heard my devilish laugh that accidentally turned into an awful snort!…pretty glad you’re not…I choked laughing at my laugh (again a bit too much meta) and something may have flown out of my nose…so I guess we’re those kind of friends now…haha

Have you ever heard that seeing is believing?

…of course you have…anyway I think it might be backwards…

that it’s not the seeing that makes something real it’s the believing that creates our reality.

Think about it. We are being bombarded with 11 million bits of information per second (yes that many…no seriously look it up!!) and our brains can only process 50-130ish of those bits so, there is likely a bunch of shit happening around us that we are not seeing. Yet when you begin to believe in something…like okay…lets pretend you were thinking about cutting back on coffee by drinking more tea (because you heard it was better for you blah, blah, blah) and you don’t really know that many tea drinkers but you heard, soooo…

Anyway the first day you wake up decidedly a tea drinker and the first thing that pops up on Facebook is a tea ad…okay that might have actually been a mind-reading algorithm so forget that…but you do happen to see 3 people on the way to work drinking tea (you noticed the little tag from their teabag sticking out of their Tim Horton’s cup) and you heard 2 adverts on the radio for some Fancy Tea joint and you overheard people in the elevator talking about their favourite herbals and by the end of the day you noticed shit about tea like 25 times…

So here is the philosophical question…did the tea talk exist before you heard it or have you simply shifted your 50-130ish bits to pay attention to tea…?

Once you decided that tea needed to be in your life, all of a sudden tea was in your life. Not the other way around where you saw tea everywhere and then you believed in the power of tea. Now you may say…

“Oh no Dionne I had to see the tea to believe in the tea…”

and here’s the thing…


Perhaps it makes more sense that the part of you that had been wanting to get off coffee, the part that was tired of afternoon headaches and the runs you get when you drink to much, the part of you that is unconscious, had decided that you needed an alternative and so you unconsciously decided to believe in tea (because remember you have been hearing for years that it is good for you… blah, blah, blah).

Ahhh chicken or egg type of question…still not convinced?

Then perhaps we will need to agree to disagree here… maybe the idea of “You need to Believe to See” is something you will consider the next time you, like me, are in stage 2 …consciously incompetent.

I believe that I will do what it takes to learn all I can, and do all I can, to accomplish the new tasks (known and currently unknown) in my new job and in life and I will hone the skills it will take to find some semblance of work-work-work-life balance. Wish me luck…although I believe I can and have decided to do what is necessary to create my success…a little encouragement goes a long way 🙂

What have you been hoping to see more of that hasn’t quite made it into your life?

Maybe it’s time to believe in what once seemed impossible…like me becoming a tea drinker…time to believe and see things differently.

Talk to you soon!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!