How do you keep going when shit gets real?

mom-of-the-yearWhen something so major happens that if you heard someone else tell the story you would be mortified, but you, stuck in the middle of your life just keep going. How do you do that? What part of your brain has to turn on or turn off so that you can make sure lunches still get made and the garbage goes out (because last weeks upheaval caused you to forget…and forgetting again is not a fucking option)? I know I am not the only woman wearing 20 hats right now, I know that for you right now life is ticking by and you are wondering where the fucking time is going!

There have been days, weeks, when I wake up and it’s a completely different season. This afternoon while driving to my most current upheaval I noticed the beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves… and I was sad because I have no idea when fall started…although I suppose its possible it happened this morning. A friend of mine recently posted about her “September Fog” and although I didn’t think I was in the thick of it, as I poke my head back into my reality I realize that I am.

As I sit here am wondering how do you do it?

Right now I can’t tell if I am managing nicely or if I have completely compartmentalized each piece of the puzzle that is me, so that the ick doesn’t leak on to the good stuff.

The good stuff is really fucking good! My kids are healthy and happy and very funny! Being around them is good medicine. My husband is a gem, he always knows exactly what I need and don’t need and sees to it that I am taken care of. Writing is good, very therapeutic. My friends are awesome, very supportive even though there really isn’t much they can do to help, they help by just being a part of me. So back to my question how is it done?

How does one keep going when shit gets real?

Do we simply choose to not acknowledge how shitty the shit is?

A few years back a friend of my said to me “wow your childhood sounds crazy!” and that stuck with me because I had no idea that my childhood was crazy, it felt pretty normal to me. Does that mean that we each have our own brand of crazy that we have simply labelled “normal”? Does the fact that someone else thinks its whacked even matter? Should we be shifting our perspective every once in a while to see what others see when they look into our whirling worlds? I have no idea. What I do know is that I have no plans on justifying my brand of crazy however it probably can’t hurt to see things from a new point of view. The change in perspective could have the beneficial effect of providing insight. But in the moment how do you find time for reflection?

I am going through a pile of it right now…and as I am sure you know as one pile gets bigger and overwhelming they all seem to take on a particular stink…my hope is to gain some insight that will help me to avoid the inevitable spillover.

My friends I need you.

I would love to hear how you manage when one of the many hats you wear gets filled with a heaping pile of shit?

No seriously I need help! 


Without getting to far into it, I’ll tell you that it’s currently my “dutiful daughter” hat that is overflowing…

When you have a minute, pop on over to my contact page and fire me an email or drop me a message on Facebook I would greatly appreciate it as I am eager for some options! A big super-hug thank you to all of you that are willing to share your expertise with me…my hope is to not only gather some great advice for myself but to share all of your great insight with the other amazing women (and men :)) of this tribe…

“a rising tide lifts all boats”…we are in this together!


Sincere Thanks


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!