Sometimes amazing shit happens without me even knowing it! At least that is what I think is happening to me. Before launching myself as an entrepreneur I had this idea that I needed to know exactly where I was going…you know law of attraction stuff…be specific, visualize what you want then manifest the shit out of it. And yet I had no real idea what “me as an entrepreneur” would look like.

Sure I want clients…that is where the abundance I have been believing in will come from…right?!? And I have been reading blogs and articles, listening to other successful entrepreneur’s podcasts (like every night for over a year), not to be like them but to glean tips and tricks and deep insight as to what my life as a successful entrepreneur would look like.

The tips that I connected with (even though I had no idea how exactly to implement them) were… build a monthly social media calendar and maintain a consistent presence. Write blog posts that optimize in search engines, find my voice, be my authentic self, make sure to offer my services at the right intervals, engage with the right amount of Facebook groups, network with my target population…holy shit and that is all before I even do any coaching…don’t even get me started on the stress I feel about the skills I need for that.

About that…

When I sit down with someone, a person I feel a connection with, and we starting talking about what has been getting in our way, what boulders have popped up that seem to be preventing us from getting what we want out of life… magic happens. Together we help each other to uncover truths we did not know existed. I think that part of the reason that I am having a hard time visualizing getting clients, is because I don’t see people I connect with as clients…you’re friends, people who enlighten my life and provide me with insight into the power of Self and humanity. I connect with people through relationships built on mutual respect, on the premise that we both enter each other’s lives to learn something.

And about that…

One of my favourite TED Talks is by Celeste Headlee (which if you have been with me for a while you totally know that already :)) One of the most amazing things she shares with us in her talk is that she enters into every conversation prepared to be amazed. Once I heard that concept I knew that is what lies at the core of who I am and how I operate as a coach.

So back to amazing shit just happening without me noticing…

I was speaking with a friend recently and she asked how I managed to get all of my posts out, find time to write and create all while raising 2 little people, maintaining my home and working a pretty full-time day job…I decided to let her in on all of my little secrets which I thought you may want to know too…so here goes…

I told her that all the pieces for my Facebook page – Happy Hand Lettering, are created every morning at 5:30am and then scheduled to be posted throughout the day (everyday) so that more people (other than the crazy early risers like myself) could see them. I reminded her that I do get up at 4:30am and write my morning pages and then after creating my lettering pieces, if there is time I pull a book off the shelf and read until I have to get ready for work and get my girls up. Weekends are a bit different Saturday mornings after morning pages and lettering I watch a 2 hour training video, part of a series made by a coaching group I follow. The rest of the day is spent cleaning, cooking and cuddling with my family.

Sunday is my day to set the tone for the upcoming week. First thing I do (after my morning me time) is set my intentions for the week with my amazing Facebook accountability group.

(They are frickin’ awesome btw…we met in a brilliant group for creative entrepreneurs and hooked up to help each other stay accountable to the shit we needed to get done in our lives. They are people I have not met in “real life”, they live all over the States and I cherish them deeply.)

Throughout the rest of the day I create 3-4 pieces in Canva, then write and schedule my Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts for my Facebook Page – Be Real Creative Coaching.  My blog posts are written on Tuesday or Wednesday evening (whenever Dave is home and I can sit for a few hours) and then posted on Thursday mornings to my blog, Facebook and Twitter. Lastly I write my Monday newsletter on Friday night, get it proofread by my grammatically correct friend on Saturday and schedule it once I get her feedback.

The reason I share this with you now so you can see how I consistently show up, write my heart out and let my creative self be seen. And that is how amazing shit happens (that I don’t see coming)…I happily put in the work before the work and the work takes care of itself!

So here’s the deal…I could read all the blogs there is to read, listen to every podcast and follow every coach out there and none of that would matter because it has to be real for me. Do I create my social media calendar like the amazing Stacy Maynard? No. Do I rock Facebook like my talented friend Tammy Hudgin? Nope. Do I write amazing articles like the uber talented Alexandra Franzen? No. Or write brilliant newsletters like Paul Jarvis? Ahh no. Have I got SEO figured out like the brilliant Sarah Von Bargen? Hell no. Have I mastered the business of art like my idol Caroline Winegeart? No. Am I rocking my podcast like my number one inspiration Tiffany Han? No.

What so many, me included, often forget when following the gurus is that they have years and years put into their craft. I too will master all the skills I need to master in time. As long as I continue to show up on social media, pay attention to those who deserve my attention. Continue to commit myself to what feels right, what feels like me and trust that everything I create, although not all of it great, will be authentically me.

Today I realized that things have been happening right under my nose (which has been lovingly put to the entrepreneurial grindstone). Do I know exactly where I am headed, no. The goal is a bit blurry and the key for me to remember is that there is a goal out there. The is a plan to be continuously in motion and moving towards how I want to feel. As I continue to show up for myself and take action, reflect, reconnect and recreate myself I will become the master of my own world…maybe someday I too will offer up some tips and tricks for a budding entrepreneur until then I will keep showing up on the page, as me as I can be.

Honestly yours,


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!