Growth MindsetI married an artist, I am wowed by artists, art makes me feel deeply, the energy of music brings me to tears, observing creativity in action makes be feel like I am floating but I could never, would never…I am not a creator. I was born to be a fan…I actually have the loudest clap of anyone I know, so I figured it was true, I was born to ride the sidelines and just be a fan. But that of course is bullshit! Creativity is not bestowed on some and not others it is born with all of us, but sadly it, as many of us know, is replaced by must-dos and have-tos, by structure and function and process and procedure.

Creativity is deemed one of the most sot after employment characteristics…Can you think on your feet? Are you innovative and a problem solver? Do you have good communication skills? Can you get along with others? Basically are you as creative as is needed to manage new environments and different personality types? All skills that have their basis in whether or not we can think outside of our own preconceived ideas long enough to learn something.

We often find ourselves in the throes of adulting having to re-connect with our creativity that once abounded when we were children. It takes some people (like me) years to even remember what being creative is all about and even longer to give ourselves permission to break out of the fixed mindset of perfectionism long enough to enjoy the fruits of creative labour.

Art is NecessaryToday I consider myself a soulful creative with a growth mindset. I now carve out time for art everyday, and as a result I am a much happier person, a better mom, a better wife and a more patient and calm person to work with. By tapping into my latent creativity I have uncovered an inherent truth that many of us either forgot or don’t know that we know and that is that all things are possible when you add enough hustle. Do more of what feels good and less of what doesn’t…read more, move more, love more, listen more and the world will open up one creative adventure at a time!

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