Today is Tuesday…

I know that if you are reading this when I posted it…it’s Thursday…and the cold/flu/sore throat demon has finally landed on me…

The girls have been sick for awhile…and normally I can stave off their ick germs pretty well…not this time. And as I sit here and ponder the effectiveness of the human immune system I find myself reflecting to a conversation I had just yesterday with my friend Forrest. You see when he showed up for a visit he was hunched over and limping. I of course asked what was wrong and he said that all he had done was pick up his shovel to do the driveway…didn’t even touch the snow and he threw his back out. Argh…that sucks.

He then went on to say that he has just had a few of those days…

you know where everything seems to be going wrong!

As I sat and listened for the few very short minutes as he shared the series of misfortunes he has been facing I couldn’t help but think…

“Hey this is Forrest Willett, the pillar of positivity that I turn to in my mind when I get low, this can’t be right…?”

You see Forrest is a brain injury survivor who also survived a number of other life changing circumstances that ensued from the catastrophic injuries he sustained in a car accident in 2002.

At a very low point in his recovery he decided that he wanted something different. He wanted so much more. Through it all, doctors, medications, surgeries, professionals he accomplished some spectacular things including writing 2 books and becoming a world-renowned Success Principles and motivational speaker with Jack Canfield (you know the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy!).

Anyway since I heard him speak almost 2 years ago about what he was able to overcome with the power of positive thinking and the other 66 Success Principles…

I became a true believer in the impact my own thoughts have on my reality.

So when I heard him have a very human moment and tell me what was going wrong I was thrown for a split second. My dismay was very quickly followed by an endearing desire to hold space for him as he encouraged himself to shift his mindset with his own thoughts.

Through our conversation I uncovered that he currently has a lot of demands on him; family, work, life and I mentioned that perhaps there was a part of him that saw that shovel as his saving grace, as an opportunity to be seized. That maybe he needed to…

and in unison we both said “slow down”.

I believe that perhaps he needed a simple minute with a friend to tell himself what he already knew…

that we may have superpowers but we are not superhumans, and need to take care of ourselves, especially when the demands on us are many.

This brings me back to the potential plague I may be fighting…

It is very likely that the tempo I have been keeping and doing my best to maintain, might have been a bit too much for my body, mind and soul to handle. So I will take heed of my friend’s experience and slow down.

Tonight I stepped away from the dishes and laundry and slipped in to the tub (while hubby kept the girls occupied). I happily added beautiful and rejuvenating bath salts from my friend Michelle (OMG check her out HERE btw, she is awesome!!!). The minutes I stole for myself were heavenly and as I write this post, share the afterglow of that quiet time with my cup of lemon ginger tea, I realize that the path of personal attunement has been laid before me for quite a while and this week I finally took the first, much-needed step, towards a heightened sense of self.

My body and mind and soul have been craving a direct line of communication and my conscious mind is aware that there are tools out there that will get me closer to the “oneness” I have been so desperate for.

My journey has taken many turns, and each one has brought me steps closer to the sense of wholeness I know, will be the strong foundation for all of the amazing crazy leaps I long to take.

Step one, was that I ventured out into the world of meditation. I learned so much from a masterful guru, Erin Byron (yep check her out too!) most importantly I learned that yoga and meditation are the tools I need now on this leg of my journey to wholeness.I felt relaxed and invigorated as I listened and participated in the 6 different meditation styles. Each one wonderful in its own way.

I am also very excited to be a part of a community (kinda my thing) of amazing women (and men) whose insight and understanding I will relish in as I explore more facets of this artful science (also kinda my thing).

I don’t think it is coincidence that I happened upon a mediation workshop 2 days before it was offered, as I have been saying out loud that I need something to center and pull together the pieces of me that are feeling waned and spread thin…thank you universe for listening. And I think that along with the myriad of germs multiplying in my body right now, being a part of a soulful guided meditation and training was the gentle shovel upside the head I needed.

I wish you all health and happiness and I hope that your shovel doesn’t need to literally hit you over the head before you slow down.


All good things are rooted in love,laughter and learning!

P.S. For more information about Forrest, and his journey click HERE!