I spent the majority of my early years being completely disconnected from my body, from my Self.

And even now as I slowly start to reconnect with my authentic self, I sense a distance between what I believe to be true and what my body knows to be right. I often find myself saying “Hey here’s a tidbit you may not know…your mind is actually attached to your body…you are all one being!” The person I say that too usually gets a look of knowing surprise…yet I realize today that every time I say that it is the deep secret part of me trying to educate myself.

Could you consider that every ache, every pain is your body telling you that you are out of alignment with your most authentic self? I struggle with that concept. The scientist in me throws up 1000 excuses as to why that is just not true. I understand the invasive nature of bacteria and viruses, I know that they don’t give a shit whether I am the most in-tune ethereal being or the most hard ass unfeeling human on the planet, bacteria do not discriminate…or do they?

Is there a possibility that the energy I emit when I am I at my highest vibration, deters those little buggers?

I ask, because I have noticed that over the past year when the whirlwind of infectious entities flew through my home (little people tend to encourage that sort of thing); during what I would call, my most authentic time on this planet, I was able to stave off the onslaught of tyranny. When I did finally succumb to the worst of the little shits, I knew I had partially encouraged my illness by thinking (over and over and over)…

“I’m exhausted…I need a fucking break!”

Well my body seemed to have obliged by hosting a virus that encouraged non-stop sleep. Not the most relaxing or ideal way to take a break…Perhaps if I had stopped complaining and decided to take a break on my own terms I would have staved off the flu as well? A theory that seems worth investigating (actually more enlightened people than me may have already done so…worth a Google search :))

I wonder what you think about this interesting idea that the more aligned we are with our authentic selves, the less likely we are to be broken, sick and tired?

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Wishing you an authentic and healthy day!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

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