I see you honey…

I know that you are feeling lost, uncertain and desperate for some sense of purpose to all of the f’n time and energy you put into everyone else’s greatness! I get that…BIGTIME!

And that is why at the core of my work I truly believe it is through the honest authentic connections with women who see us, hear us and really get what we are going through that will lead us to our highest and most authentic selves…to that place where we feel whole, a sense of balance and where we know our purpose on this planet!

I know those feelings you keep a secret from everyone else…the anxiety of making everything work, the resentment of never feeling appreciated and the void left behind from all the “shoulds” that has been put on you. I know this, I live(d) this. I get you and that is how I know that this does NOT have to be the way that it is. You can change your life through the power of reflecting, reconnecting and recreating your Self.

I can help! 

I am an Authenticity Expert and founder of the In Her Element Mindset Mastery Programs. As a coach & mentor my purpose is to support brilliant, driven women (like you) who are absolutely done with being “should on” and are looking to feel whole and have a true sense of balance and purpose in their lives (while still caring for others and achieving excellence)

I use my Elements of Authenticity Framework TM, my professional coaching/mentoring skills and intuitive capacity to create the ideal environment for women to transform and flourish. Using a variety of proven strategies, including reflective practice, narrative inquiry and creative mindset work, I quickly help women get to the root of their problems, breakthrough their block and limiting beliefs and guide them as they confidently move towards their personal success.

I’ve been recognized for my natural storytelling ability and told (by women I deeply respect) that my stories highlight the strength and powerful vulnerability that is necessary to overcome what has been holding us back. I pride myself on my real, no bull-shit stories of uncertainty, failure and growth that are deeply impactful and believe that they remind us all, that we are not alone.

I am most passionate about helping women find their voice as they align with their most creative and authentic selves. I am an avid writer, speaker, coach and artist and my superpower is the capacity to create change by deeply connecting with others while guiding them through their personal journey. I believe in the power of words and the creative spark that is waiting to be ignited within all of us. I know that the reason I am on this journey is to inspire others to step into their element and thrive as their most authentic selves!

I would love to work with you and support you on your journey. Contact me at dionne@dionnethomson.com or access my calendar HERE to book a time to chat!

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