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~ Lisa~

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Keynote Speaker sharing powerful no bull-sh*t stories of vulnerability, failure & growth. 

I created In Her Element Consulting for you, for me, for all of us who need a little extra push to honor who we are truly meant to be. You CAN be the woman who lives and breathes JOY and purpose. The woman who others gravitate to…not because of what you do for them but how they feel when they are around you. You can be the woman who puts JOY before duty. And you can be the woman (mom, wife, friend) who takes time for yourself without guilt, shame or a looming sense of “I should be…”, knowing that filling yourself up first will mean you have more of your authentic self to give.

My results-based programs, rooted in effective intuitive coaching strategies recognized and used by masters around the world, are designed for women who believe and trust that there are steps they can take that will move them towards what they really want.

My One-on-One Coaching and Independent Homestudy programs are specifically curated so that can you break through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and interrupt the unconscious patterns that are keeping you from feeling connected to your self and others by replacing them with habits and patterns that serve your highest good.

Massive change is possible when you master the In Her Element mindset strategies. It’s time to discover the future you are meant for…one filled with authentic happiness, balance, purpose and a sense of real wholeness.

In Her Element is for all of us who desire more authentic connections with others and want to align with our most authentic selves.

It’s time to take action, propel toward your greatness and achieve BRILLIANT Results!