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Hello Lovely

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!. Before you dive in to all the good stuff, let me tell you what I’m all about! I’m Dionne…like Dionne Warwick…she was on the cover of the TV guide the week I was born…If you know who she is and what a TV guide is…awesome that means you’re as old as me!

I discovered my passion for coaching while digging myself out of the pit of “shoulds” and now my mission is to inspire, educate and empower women to get the hell out of their own way and Awaken, Embrace + Ignite their Aweome lives! 

My core belief and the foundation for all that I do, is that given the right tools, mindset strategies and support, you can make your happiness a priority and own your F’N Awesomeness! 

I use my skills as a coach and the wisdom I have amassed from over decades of research and experience, to support women (like you) who are done with just being busy doing everything for everybody else, go from feeling like a Hot Mess to owning their Awesomeness.

And recently I landed on a statement that pretty much sums me up .”I help busy women end their battle with their inner critic…so they can make their happiness a prioirity. 

It took me a while to align all the parts of me and all my interests and create a legacy I want to leave. Yes I am a coach, a business owner…and a mom and a wife. I am also an artist and a writer who battles anxiety and depression…What I know for 100% certainty, is that trying to do all the things without making yourself a priority, is a recipe for burnout (been there done that 4 times…time for a new chapter in this create-your-own-adventure book!)

Whether we meet for coffee or across the table at a networking event…whether I’m on the stage or in the audience… whether you’re a client or a friend, this is who I am, this is what I do and this is why I’m here! 

Have you been waiting for someone to call you on your sh*t…waiting for the right person, the right time to make yourself a priority? Book a Discovery Call so we can talk about how to remove your biggest obstacle…YOU!

PS If you’re looking for the perfect “kick you out of your comfort zone and still feel the ❤️”  I’m you’re person!

You’ve been waiting long enough, read all the books, downloaded every free ebook that promised you results, now its time to to do the work and say YES to YOU! 

Book in for your Discovery Call today!

Just a quick WARNING having a conversation with me will involve…Laughter, learning, love, and the occasional tear. If longer than 20 minutes you will be guaranteed an intuitive insight about your awesomeness and a quote from my superhero Brene Brown!

Dionne’s Spark Sessions helped me tremendeously when it came to figuring out what it was I wanted from my future. The exercises throughout the workshops were insightful and valuable. 10 out of 10 times I would recommend Dionne Thomson to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and is wanting more out of their lives.”

~ Dani ~

The Hot Mess to Awesomeness:  Guide to Being F’N Happy

The 3 Step Values Assessment: Make you a Priority

“When I met Dionne I felt an instant connection. When her Spark Sessions were introduced I registered right away. I saw this as my opportunity to get inside myself and she provided me the tools to look within, to flesh out the old and battered business, to reframe the negative and rejoice in my “me-ness”.

The best thing I have done for myself for a LONG time”


“The first time I met Dionne Thomson I was going through a serious period of self-doubt at that time and even though we had just met, I told her my life story. She pulled herself away from a family event to reply to me right away. Dionne has a way of speaking to each and every person she meets in such a way that they feel truly HEARD. (A feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time.) If you get a chance to work with Dionne you should! She has transformed my life in so many ways. My confidence has exploded and my personal (& business) life are so much better as a result.

GO! Have a conversation with Dionne – it will change your life too!”